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Introduction to the secret color porcelain
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        Talk about secret porcelain! Secret color porcelain is tantra rise along with the tang dynasty when the palace for special master for the exclusive porcelain of Buddha! Don the secret, with nail nails burn but one fine small, than the song dynasty porcelain with the subtle "see tang dynasty gold chisel gold art shows its exquisite craftsmanship! Tang Mi, do have the feng cui color of color is, apart from your kiln's day cyan! Tang Mi, only is a product of color, to the left end of the royal prerogative. Famen temple secret color porcelain" declining bottom because of the color is not enough money! Visible language scholars strict! "the nine autumn dew, the kiln drive, how many years wind meal the rain, through the unremitting efforts, always ready to fire into the ancient feng attendants! Ten years grinding sword, party see royal artisan ecru! The secret color porcelain, lotus pattern as the main shape, for the worship Buddha secret! Emperor qianlong had the Li Tangyue between CiRen" sigh!


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