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The story of Yuan blue and white
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High security hoard of Yuan blue and white porcelain wares unearthed a total of 239 pieces, it was unearthed before the cellar recovery plan.

      November 29, 1980, in Jiangxi Province Gao'an South County, Jiangxi second motor factory of a construction site, construction workers found a large cache. Then unearthed yuan blue and white porcelain, underglaze red porcelain, egg white porcelain, Longquan celadon, Jun porcelain 239. The blue and white porcelain of Yuan Dynasty has 19, the essence of the quality, is the beauty of world amazed. Subsequently, due to security factors and exhibited insufficient condition, unearthed include Gaozu cup 9, cloud dragon jar a, cloud dragon lotus jar 2, cloud dragon belt cover vase 3, twined peony vase 3 and banana leaf pattern goblet 1, precious yuan blue and white porcelain, was used one meter thick reinforced concrete storage secret sealed in the ground, during except for a few pieces of seconded to the field and exhibited abroad outside, never also to the audience display.  

       In 2010, the central and local government investment more than 5000 million yuan, started construction of the high azure blue and white Museum, August 2015, a collection of 35 years of treasure finally meet with the audience.  

Yuan blue and white Guiguzi pot, 2005 auction price equivalent to about 230 million yuan.

An unexpected discovery 35 years ago

      Gaoan city is located in the northwest of Jiangxi Province, has a long history, as early as 2000 years ago in the Han Dynasty period, the county has been built. Tang Shigai was named for the state, high security, and set the jingzhou. To the Yuan Dynasty, the high security of the state for the road, to the Swiss state lugi. Ancheng ancient Yan Jin River water transport is very developed, the handicraft industry mature merchants.  

      Here was the second Jiangxi Motor Factory site. November 29, 1980, when he was Secretary of the high security county museum curator Liu Yuhei received an emergency call: Motor Factory workers in the construction process found a crypt inside possession of a large number of porcelain. Liu Yuhei after receiving the message immediately with four or five colleagues rushed to the site, factory workers has consciously stop construction, to protect the crypt.   In order to protect the safety of cultural relics, the museum staff to explore the night, to the second day early in the morning before the basic excavation is completed. This is a circular cellar. The hoard was covered with a layer of TiN films, from the surface at a depth of about 1.6 meters, about 2 meters in diameter, the type of jar placed on the surface of the crypt, open the tank, a lot of small items placed in internal. Then clean out the cultural relic filled with the whole six baskets, porcelain, a total of 239, and was immediately sent to the high security county museum store.  

      After the excavation, then the high security county museum curator Liu Yuhei, deputy director Wu Pingsheng, Xiong Lin, and other relevant staff members of the archaeological team immediately to explore cultural relics. Study is a long process, in a large number of data alignment, and found in a blue and white vase and the collections of the British Museum of Yuan Dynasty non cover blue and white vase shape, decoration, fetal matter exactly the same. "This is something of the Yuan Dynasty! National treasure unearthed!" Liu Yuhei said, when the heart is excited to jump out".  

      Later after careful comparison study of experts, high security discovered this batch of porcelainware to main source in the Jingdezhen kilns and kiln, Longquan kiln, kiln, magnetic objects. One of the most amazing is the 19 pieces of the Yuan Dynasty blue and white porcelain. From the model, painting, and other aspects of the child is the typical characteristics of the era, is the representative of Jingdezhen yuan and blue.  

Eye-catching yuan blue and white  

       Blue and white porcelain as our country with the national characteristics of China, in the history of the world's ceramics occupies a very important position. Its origin in the Tang Dynasty, the development of the Song Dynasty almost stopped, until the Yuan Dynasty is getting more mature. In the world of blue and white porcelain exported to all over the world, the blue and white porcelain in Fourteenth Century, with its exquisite craft and renowned world. According to incomplete statistics, the blue and white porcelain of Yuan Dynasty in China about 100 pieces of abroad, there are more than 200 pieces, mainly distributed in Cairo, Egypt, Iran Tehran, Istanbul, Turkey, Britain, the United States, Japan museum and art gallery. The collection of Turkey and Iran, both in quantity and quality, are the world's top collectors.  
      1929 British Hobson in Vader fund club used blue and white porcelain, found a pair with "positive for 11 years" (1351), Ming models of Yunlong elephant ears, bottle and distinguish it from all the porcelain of the Ming Dynasty, identified as the Yuan Dynasty porcelain. 1952 American pop, on the basis of Hobson, the blue and white porcelain between Turkey and Iran, academic achievement, published in 1952 edition of the 14th century blue and white porcelain: Topkapi, Sarai palace hid a group of Chinese porcelain, and the 1956 version of the Ardebil shrine used Chinese porcelain ", and similar, the 14th century in the blue and white porcelain of Jingdezhen production belong to" positive "blue and white porcelain, the prelude to the - blue and white porcelain in the yuan research really opened.  

      The blue and white porcelain adorable was born in Tang, but because of fetal osteoporosis, the degree of porcelain low, so some scholars called the "blue white glaze color pottery". To the late Yuan Dynasty, Jingdezhen kiln using the "dual formula" of porcelain stone and kaolin, reference Cizhou kiln and Jizhou kiln glaze painting technology, the introduction of West High and low in Fe Mn "cobalt material before the blue and white porcelain firing success.  

 Blue and white porcelain of Yuan Dynasty opened up by the BISQUE PORCELAIN transition to a new era of, the rich and powerful, bold style, the painting level and different, known as a wonderful work in the history of Chinese ceramics.  

       In 2005, Gui Yuan blue and white down tank at Christie's in London, held the "Chinese ceramics, craft products and export arts and crafts" auction, sold to 14 million pounds, with the Commission for 1568.8 million pounds, amounting to about 2.3 billion yuan, has set the record of Chinese art in the world's highest auction record, have begun to make the Yuan Dynasty blue and white porcelain into the broader public view.  


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