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Ci Xi's flower pattern cylinder
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       During the period of the Qing Dynasty porcelain Shaozao basically covers all the traditional type before the late Qing Dynasty, both antique and innovation. Although from Xianfeng to Tongzhi, Guangxu porcelain production has gone from bad to worse, but in the kiln is still a small boutique, such as this period firing empress Queen "dayazhai" porcelain kiln. "Dayazhai" section porcelain, mostly in the subsystem of blue, yellow, pale blue, pale pinkish purple color, shallow purple ink painting, style fine soft, compact design. Above the objects ", a world of spring" and "taiga Zhai" inscription, and "Yong Qing Sheng Ping", "Yongqing Changchun" easily chapter. "Dayazhai" porcelain decoration depicted the wisteria flowers and birds, flowers and birds, egrets and grape lotus is very new. However, in late Qing Dynasty porcelain declined, in order to revive the porcelain and created the new varieties of the color ink.  
 The yellow and black color, flower pattern cylinder (see photo), 20.5 cm diameter, convergence mouth, drum abdomen, flat, shallow Quanzu, regular shape, is Shi white glaze and equable, and Joash yellow glaze, glazed Guangrun, colour and lustre is delicate. Yellow painted decorative color ink flower pattern, beautiful flowers in full bloom, veins, rendering delicate flower. The edge of a red dragon oval "heaven and earth a spring Zhuanwen section and horizontal book" taiga Zhai ", a" Yongqing Changchun "four word alum red bottom. This cylinder with magnificent yellow, with ink and color rendering of elegant peony, camellia, quite a bit of elegant atmosphere.  

 Tagaytay vegetarian section of porcelain, firing in Guangxu year to two years (in 1875 to 1876), by the Jingdezhen kiln designed for firing of the Empress Dowager Cixi. "Dayazhai" is Ci Xi's studio room number, is the Empress Dowager Ci Xi in the studio special porcelain. "The world is a spring in the Old Summer Palace building, when Ci Xi was with the imperial noble consort emperor Xianfeng was in the. Dayazhai porcelain to the aquarium, small inkpad box. Because Guanyao boutique is expensive, since "dayazhai" porcelain collectors still sought after objects. (Zhu Jiliang)


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