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Colorful paintings, brilliant and not vulgar
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       The calligraphy and painting ink Caiyan "is a measure of the painter's skills and how to dazzle dyed colourful, dotting the color ink and branding handed down, become word of mouth mouth color is painting everyone square! Such as Qi Baishi's western red, make the "saffron ink leaves" branded paper and become a unique the chroma and increase the value of the whole painting, gorgeous but not vulgar, brilliant ceiling eye! Such as gold farming "penta bull plans", also with red and green colourful lattice unique color, to decorate the bovine posture, Fen Rao stippling and give the whole picture "dot eyeball color"! How to use Cai Yan, the pure and Zhizheng, whether in painting or porcelain are porcelain maker painter worked tirelessly in pursuit of creative!!  

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